Book: the Art of Judo (english)

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The chronicles in this book are organised around five main topics: technique, training, the champion, the teacher and the coach, and the values of Judo.

But each text forms a unit that can also be read separately. These technical considerations are of course intended for all judokas, including teachers, black belts and high ranking practitioners, whether competitors or otherwise. They may have a cross-cutting dimension bringing in analysis from other practices and other arts.

Even with Jigoro Kano's theorized, synthesized method, it sometimes seems like the meaning of judo may be lost without an ongoing, open debate on these founding themes. And finally, if the following texts (chronicles) have emerged, it is indeed because of an often shared sense of loss of meaning.

What approach should be taken and how should it be practiced?
What should teachers teach?
Should they follow a particular educational progress?
Can it be taught in the same way to adults, children and teenagers?
Are judo as a sport and traditional judo compatible?
What can we learn from the history of judo and theories of Jigoro Kano?
Can judo be included in other major philosophical approaches?

These texts reflect a lifelong practice of judo, analysed and enhanced through the study of sport science and training and educational theories.
The author belongs to the last generation of judokas trained and influenced by the experience of the great teachers of French and Japanese Judo.

108 pages - Size: 21 cm x 21 cm.
ISBN : 978-2-9547584-1-1